Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation program makes bureaucratic procedures faster, more efficient: Report

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Saudi Arabia Rejects Foreign Meddling in Libya

SaudiArabia's National Committee for Digital Transformation has issued its 2019 NationalDigital Transformation Report under the direct guidance and support ofCrown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Digital transformation is a key part of SaudiVision 2030.

The report addressed government agencies' joint efforts to launchvarious digital initiatives across different sectors and contribute to findingsustainable digital job opportunities.

It also highlighted preparations for the next stage of growth,increasing local content and the contribution of the digital economy to theKingdom's gross domestic product.

Part of the report focused on the smart government sector. Morethan 26 million operations were carried out on the "Absher" platform in 2019,with an estimated value of SR15 billion. Over 44 million other operations werecarried out through the "Unified National Access" service.

More than 3 million citizens have benefited from electronicservices provided on the platform. The time needed for end-of-serviceprocedures has been reduced to 48 hours.

In the justice sector, there was a 75 percent reduction in paperuse in courts and 179 court e-systems were implemented.

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