ZATCA thwarts 3 attempts to smuggle over 300,000 Captagon pills

ZATCA thwarts 3 attempts to smuggle over 300,000 Captagon pills
Three arrested for attempting to smuggle over 2,700,000 Amphetamine tablets

The Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) announced that it had thwarted 3 attempts to smuggle more than 300,000 Captagon pills at Al-Haditha port. ZATCA said that the Captagon pills was found in consignments hidden in different ways and accompanied by passengers coming to the Kingdom through the port.

It noted that it had coordinated with the General Directorate of Narcotics Control, and it was found that the recipients of the seizures was 3 people, and they were arrested. A number of consignments had been subjected to customs procedures and examined through security techniques and live means “detection dog or sniffer dog”, which turned out that in the first thwarted attempt, about 261,630 Captagon pills were hidden inside the truck's fuel tank.

While in the second smuggling attempt, 31,325 Captagon pills were thwarted and found hidden inside a medical braces that the smuggler was wearing around his body. In the third attempt, ZATCA succeeded in thwarting an attempt to smuggle 90,300 of Captagon pills, which the smuggler had hidden in stonewall panels.

ZATCA confirmed that it continues to tighten customs control over the Kingdom's imports and exports. It is standing against the attempts of smugglers to achieve one of the essential pillars of its strategy represented in the security and protection of society. The authority has also confirmed its determination to unify and enhance its efforts along with the General Directorate of Narcotics Control to combat drug smuggling in all its forms and types.

The authority has called on everyone to contribute to combating smuggling to protect society and the national economy by reaching out to the designated number for security reports (1910) or via e-mail or the international number (00966114208417). The Authority, through these channels, receives reports related to smuggling crimes and violations of the provisions of the unified customs system, in strict confidentiality, while providing a financial reward to the whistleblower if the information is correct.

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