World's Largest AC System Ensures Year-Round Comfort for Millions of Worshippers at Prophet's Mosque

World's Largest AC System Ensures Year-Round Comfort for Millions of Worshippers at Prophet's Mosque

Creating a comfortable atmosphere for millions of worshippers at the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah is a top priority for the Saudi government.

Recognizing the need for improved comfort, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embarked on an ambitious project: the world's largest air conditioning system dedicated to a single building. Before the King Fahd expansion, limited wall air conditioners and fans were the only means of climate control. Now, this marvel of engineering ensures year-round comfort for worshippers and visitors.

Centralized Cooling Powerhouse
Located seven kilometers away from the Prophet's Mosque, the central air conditioning station sprawls across a massive 70,000 square meters. It boasts the world's largest water-cooling condenser, working in tandem with six powerful chillers, each with a capacity of 3,400 tons. These chillers produce cool water reaching a staggering 5 degrees Celsius.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Comfort
Making use of the latest technology ensures efficient water distribution throughout the system. Cooled water travels to 151 air handling units, which process and distribute cool air through a network of pipes integrated in the mosque's pillars. This ensures a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the vast space.

Smart Climate Control and Fresh Air
The cooling system is remarkably intelligent, adjusting cooling levels based on outside temperatures to maintain a balanced atmosphere. Additionally, the mosque's iconic domes open and close strategically to prompt fresh air circulation.

Courtyard Cooling with Misting Fans
In the expansive courtyards surrounding the mosque, a network of 436 misting fans provides a cool and refreshing environment for worshippers. This system undergoes continuous sterilization to ensure the quality and safety of water mist.

Unwavering Commitment to Upkeep
The General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Prophet's Mosque employs dedicated teams of Saudi engineers and technicians who meticulously maintain the air conditioning system, monitor performance, and continuously carry out improvements to guarantee high efficiency and to ensure the comfort of all visitors to the holiest site in Islam.