Tourism Development Fund Signs a MoU with Spain's IE University

Tourism Development Fund Signs a MoU with Spain's IE University

The Tourism Development Fund (TDF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IE University in Spain, a higher education institution focused on training influential leaders.

The objective is to implement tailored educational programs and training courses for TDF employees, aligning with the National Tourism Strategy and Saudi Vision 2030.

The agreement, inked by TDF CEO Qusai bin Abdullah Al-Fakhri and IE University President Santiago Iñiguez, aims to elevate employees' knowledge, awareness, and competencies in the tourism field.

Al-Fakhri stated that the MoU signifies a significant step toward fostering positive interaction between the tourism sector and educational institutions.

The goal is to enhance human capabilities, equip individuals with necessary skills and knowledge, and align development with quality and excellence standards.

This, in turn, contributes to professional growth, active participation in Saudi Arabia's tourism boom, and a role in driving growth and prosperity.

Furthermore, Al-Fakhri emphasized the TDF's commitment to developing skills and competencies, providing professional development opportunities, and ensuring a qualified workforce to meet the demands of the growing tourism sector.

The collaboration with IE University reflects the commitment to creating a supportive educational environment in crucial tourism regions.

IE University's President highlighted the importance of cooperation between higher education and tourism, emphasizing the need to develop specialized professionals in the field.

The agreement aims to achieve integration between education and tourism, working towards producing qualified individuals.

The MoU is part of the TDF's broader initiative, collaborating with top universities, training centers, and international expertise houses.

The Graduate Development Program (Tourism Olou) is among the launched educational programs designed to develop Saudi talents, enhance competitiveness, and provide essential skills for the tourism sector.