TGA Enhances Intercity Bus Transport Services for This Year's Pilgrims

TGA Enhances Intercity Bus Transport Services for This Year's Pilgrims

The Transport General Authority (TGA) announced a significant improvement in intercity bus transportation services for pilgrims undertaking Hajj 1445 AH.

The initiative coincides with the approaching Hajj season and aims to provide safe and reliable options for pilgrims wishing to travel by land.
Pilgrims can utilize intercity transport buses operated by three leading companies: North West Company, Darb Al-Watan Company, and Sat Company.

They will provide transportation for pilgrims to Makkah during the Hajj season, specifically from Dhu al-Qa'dah 1 to 15, covering both the Hajj period and return journeys.

The services are available across more than 205 locations throughout the Kingdom, offering pilgrims extensive accessibility. Over 200 daily departures to Makkah ensure pilgrims can easily find convenient travel options.

This initiative by the TGA aims to achieve several key goals. First and foremost, it provides reliable and secure transportation for people undertaking the Hajj.

Additionally, it works to meet the high demand for transportation services that typically arises during the Hajj season. Finally, it grants pilgrims more flexibility by offering a wider range of travel options to reach Makkah.

Pilgrims interested in utilizing these improved intercity bus services can book their tickets through the official TGA website: