Taif Farms Prepare for Tree Dormancy Phase

Taif Farms Prepare for Tree Dormancy Phase

Various Taif farms are preparing for the upcoming dormancy phase of trees such as almond, apricot, pomegranate, grapes and Taif roses. During this period, which lasts around three months, essential care operations such as trimming, pruning, soil improvement, weed removal, fertilization, and pest control need to be carried out. These measures help plants better adapt to the environment, and their growth and development during dormancy.

According to agriculture experts, winter dormancy brings calm to trees, allowing buds to grow and leaves to turn green when spring comes. Fruit trees in southern Taif go dormant during the cold months to regain strength and vitality, leading to increased production when warmth and sunlight return.

Taif, particularly Maysan Governorate, is renowned for its various crops of grapes, pomegranates, berries, peaches, almonds, hazelnuts, and plums. Farmers engage in a series of tasks over a 40-day period, starting with fertilization and soil preparation, pruning and pest control. There is no irrigation during this period.

This dormancy season promotes vigorous vegetative growth, blossoming, and fruit bearing, ultimately ensuring abundant agricultural crop production.