SDRPY Inaugurates Water Transmission Line Project in Ghaydah, Yemen

SDRPY Inaugurates Water Transmission Line Project in Ghaydah, Yemen

The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen , (SDRPY) inaugurated here today the water transmission line project in the city of Al-Ghaydah, Yemen. The project consists of 20 km long water carrier lines from Wadi Fauri to Wadi Al Jiza, with a concrete ground tank with a capacity of 1,800 cubic meters. The SDRPY equipped and rehabilitated three wells, a centrifugal pumps room, an electric generator room, remote control systems, in Wadi Fauri, to connect water transmission lines to tower and ground tanks in Wadi Al Jiza.

The project comes to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people, and to enhance water sources, which contributes to the provision of drinking water, and the reduction of diseases resulting from water pollution, benefiting 66,000 individuals. The Director of the SDRPY office in Al-Mahra, Abdullah Basulaiman, explained that this project is a continuation of the SDRPY's plan, which aims to support vital sectors in Yemen, raise their efficiency and enhance their capabilities, including the water sector, which the program supports through various projects.

For his part, the Governor of Al-Mahra Governorate, Mohammad Ali Yasser, stressed the importance of this vital project, which will be used to enhance water in all areas of Al-Ghaydah District, which contributes to improving water service and regularly delivering it to citizens’ houses, praising the efforts of the SDRPY to support service sectors and improve the level of services.

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