Saudi Ministry of Justice Adds 10 New E-services and 5 Features to Najiz Portal

Multiple justice reforms and digital transformation
Multiple justice reforms and digital transformation

The Saudi Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has upgraded the portal by adding 10 judicial e-services and five interactive features enabling clients to instantly view relevant procedures and scheduled sessions.

“In line with the judiciary’s ongoing development, the upgrades aim to save clients time and effort and increase the number of services provided remotely,” the MoJ said.

The upgrades add instructions for each type of application and enable clients to view the latest updates on their cases. They also consolidate options, add an index for filings, and enhance search criteria. In addition, they provide responsive tools for adjusting applications for challenging judgments.It is worth mentioning that the ministry’s Najiz portal provides more than 140 judicial e-services covering courts, enforcement and notarization.

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