ROSHN Group Launches ALMANAR, Its First Integrated Community in Makkah

ROSHN Group Launches ALMANAR, Its First Integrated Community in Makkah

ROSHN Group has launched ALMANAR, its fifth integrated mixed-use community and its first venture in Makkah, the group said in a press release.

The first phase of ALMANAR, the release said, will provide 4,149 residential units that will house over 17,000 people on a footprint of 2.5 million square meters.

ALMANAR is located at Makkah’s western gate, between the old and new expressways linking the city to Jeddah, 20 minutes from the Holy Mosque and under an hour from King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah.

The first phase will feature a wide range of amenities, including a regional mall supplemented by eight neighborhood commercial centers, a business park that will boost the city’s economic development, and several mosques.

ROSHN offers a variety of residential options in ALMANAR, including 3- to 5-bedroom townhouses, duplexes, and villas. The architectural design of ALMANAR draws inspiration from the heritage of the Western Province; it features intricate details, like elliptical and geometric patterns on the facades. The seamless blend of history and modernity creates a harmonious connection between "Makkah’s unparalleled heritage and the limitless potential of its future".

According to the release, ALMANAR prioritizes sustainability and natural beauty. It includes carefully designed green and open spaces, covering 12% of the community's total footprint, and providing comfortable areas for relaxation.

ROSHN developments promote community well-being by offering shaded walkways for walking, cycling, and sports activities, making it easier for residents to access amenities conveniently located throughout the area.

ALMANAR will preserve and prioritize the natural landscape, with wadis meandering through its neighborhoods. This approach creates "a resilient green infrastructure that aligns with the local environment and ecological systems", the release said, adding that it also supports the conservation of indigenous flora and fauna in these green corridors.

ALMANAR's houses will feature "industry-leading energy-conserving" technologies, including modern insulation, solar water heaters, and efficient air-conditioning.

ROSHN is also promoting the use of electric vehicles by installing EV chargers in many of its houses, "contributing to its ambitions to create a greener society", the release read.