Riyadh Seasons Entertainment Program Achieves Four Guinness World Records

Entertainment and telecom e-sales hit record heights
Entertainment and telecom e-sales hit record heights

The Riyadh Season entertainment program has achieved 4 unprecedented ecord number in the Guinness World Records, which kicked off four months ago, through a variety of entertainment activities such as games, exhibitions, and concerts.

Entertainment and telecom e-sales hit record heights
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The records included 100 songs recorded using hologram technology, while at the Riyadh Motor Show, the season set a world record in the Guinness World Records by displaying the largest model of a Formula 1 car from Lego pieces, using half a million Lego cubes.

The construction process of the model took around a week, and the assembly process was carried out by certified experts and specialists from LEGO. Representatives of Guinness World Records attended the assembly process via a live video broadcast, to document and officially certify the achievement of a new record as the largest of its kind in the world.

In the field of games, the giant slide in Riyadh City Boulevard has achieved two records in the world, as the longest in the world, in addition to being the owner of the highest number of tracks of its kind in the field of games.

The highest point of the giant slide stands at 22,136 m, and its length is estimated at 117 m, with 56.5 m in width, while the number of its tracks is 24. The tracks vary according to their design, some of which are straight tracks, others zigzag-shaped in wavy shapes, and open for adults and children.