Public Prosecution warns employees on breaching confidentiality

Public Prosecution orders arrest of two suspects in assault case
Public Prosecution orders arrest of two suspects in assault case

The Public Prosecution, through its official account on Twitter, warned any public sector employee against posting any confidential documents or information, even if they obtain it by virtue of their position, noting that this action is prohibited. The warning applied to those who ended their service in the public sector.

These acts are considered a serious crime that could result in the arrest of the perpetrator.

The Public Prosecution explained that sharing of confidential documents — all types of medium that contain classified information —would harm the national security of the Kingdom, its interests, policies, or rights.

In another context, the Public Prosecution recently warned against any deception or counterfeiting in medical devices, supplies, packages, or covers. This too is a severe crime that would result in the arrest of the culprit.

The Public Prosecution defined the medical device as any machine, tool, cultivation device, laboratory reagents, laboratory calibration materials, programs, or operating materials for medical devices, used in diagnosing, preventing, monitoring, controlling, treating, easing, or palliating injuries.

Devices also include what is used in examination, replacement, modification, anatomical support, effect on the functions of body organs or support and enable life (vital functions) to continue, assist or control pregnancy, and sterilized medical devices and supplies.

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