Pakistani PM Sharif lauds MWL efforts to foster religious harmony

Pakistani PM Sharif lauds MWL efforts to foster religious harmony

Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif lauded the great efforts being exerted by the Makkah-based Muslim World League (MWL) in spreading the culture of religious tolerance, peace and love, which reflects the true image of Islam. He made the remarks while receiving Sheikh Muhammad Al-Issa, secretary general of MWL and chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, at his office here on Saturday. Sheikh Al-Issa, who arrived in Islamabad, leading a high-profile MWL delegation, launched the MWL’s urgent campaign for the relief of the Pakistani people. The campaign aims to secure food, housing and health needs of tens of thousands of people affected by the recent floods that struck different provinces of the country.

President Sharif warmly welcomed Sheikh Al-Issa and the accompanying delegation. He appreciated the delegation’s visit when his country is going through a very difficult period of time following the devastating floods. Sharif also praised Sheikh Al-Issa’s great efforts in spreading the culture of tolerance, saying, “I follow with great pride your efforts to establish religious harmony, and we thank you for your great role in bringing together of the scholars of the Islamic Ummah and highlighting the true face of Islam.”

For his part, Dr. Al-Issa expressed his thanks and appreciation of Sharif for the generous reception and hospitality accorded to the MWL delegation by the Pakistani government and people. “We, the officials of MWL, are proud in performing our Islamic and humanitarian duty towards our brothers, which represents the compassion of Muslims and their mutual affection among themselves. This is also coming within the framework of MWL’s comprehensive humanitarian initiatives that are delivering to the people all over the world.” Sheikh Al-Issa also met with the Pakistani Minister of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Mufti Abdul Shakoor Sardar Khan. They discussed a number of issues related to Islamic affairs and humanitarian work and prospects for bilateral cooperation in this regard.

The minister stressed the great role played by MWL in serving Islamic causes and the issues of Muslim minorities around the world, and the centrality of its efforts to promote unity within the Islamic community, and to represent the true message of Islam abroad. “We are proud of the MWL leadership’s keenness on the Shariah affairs of the Islamic Ummah, praising in the same regard the historic step of the Makkah Document,” he said while lauding the pivotal presence of MWL around the world, and describing as as strong, influential and honorable for the sons of the Islamic Ummah.

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