Mulberries Color Al-Ahsa Markets, Benefit Health

Mulberries Color Al-Ahsa Markets, Benefit Health

Fruit and vegetable markets in Al-Ahsa Governorate are painted red with the arrival of the mulberry season.

Mulberries, these small, red and black fruits pyramidal in shape, are highly sought after in the region.

Prized for their visual appeal and delightful taste, mulberry trees are a staple in many Al-Ahsa households. These berries, along with a multitude of other fruits and vegetables, contribute to the region's renowned food basket.

The berries' production cycle is brief, lasting only about a month after the winter chill subsides, and before summer breezes arrive.

The currently harvested mulberries are distinguished by their red color, sometimes transitioning to blue or purple. Their taste varies depending on ripeness: sweet when fully mature and slightly tart during earlier growth stages.

Despite the limited quantities produced, the fruit enjoys a devoted following among farmers and consumers alike.

A Saudi Press Agency reporter recently visited an Al-Ahsa market; he found that mulberries prices fluctuate based on ripeness and size, ranging from SAR5 to SAR15 per half a kilogram.

Vendors shared various uses for mulberries, including as an ingredient in cakes, ice cream, and decorative food elements. Some customers enjoy the fruit in juice form, and some choose to store or freeze them for later consumption.