More Than 5 Million Worshippers Perform Prayers at Prophet's Mosque Last Week

More Than 5 Million Worshippers Perform Prayers at Prophet's Mosque Last Week

The General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Prophet's Mosque announced that the Prophet's Mosque has received a total of 5,832,384 worshipers and visitors from the 28th of last Jumada II to the 4th of Rajab, amid integrated and high-quality services, allowing crowds to perform their prayers smoothly and efficiently.

The authority-issued statistics showed that 550,911 visitors had the honour of greeting the Messenger and his two companions, 130,401 visitors performed prayers at the mosque, and 115,551 female visitors attended prayers at Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifa, as per organizational procedures that control the movement of the crowds and schedule times for optional prayers for men and women.

It also reported that 12,110 elderly people and people with disabilities benefited from the services granted to them last week. Visitors who benefited from the guidance services reached 148,858, while 10,887 people sought information at the Prophet's Mosque's library.

Exhibitions and museums were visited by 2,492 people, 40,062 gifts were presented to visitors, and 31,207 elderly people and families benefited from electric vehicle transportation services, facilitating their transportation through the mosque.

More than 123,200 bottles of Zamzam water were provided, and 99,832 Iftar meals were distributed in corridors of the mosque designated for people who had been fasting.