KSA Tops Middle East in Marine Quality for 21 Century

KSA Tops Middle East in Marine Quality for 21 Century

Saudi Arabia has obtained the Marine Quality Certificate (USCG) for the 21st century as the first country in the Middle East and one of 26 countries in the world, due to its achievement of marine quality standards in US ports.

This achievement was a result of the Kingdom’s ships visiting the US ports have completely fulfilled and complied with the highest standards and requirements of the environment and marine safety, in addition to their commitment to the provisions of international conventions and following the best practices related to preserving the components of the marine environment. The Marine Quality Certificate is awarded by the US Coast Guard, the official body responsible for ensuring safety and environmental management in US seaports and sea lanes.

The Kingdom’s obtaining the Maritime Quality Certificate (USCG) is a new achievement and an essential stage in the development and progress of the Saudi naval fleet, which includes 426 ships raising the Saudi flag. This certificate also facilitates the movement of Saudi ships in regional waters and American ports and supports the increase in trade exchange and strengthening of the economic relationship between the two countries.

The US Coast Guard is tasked with developing and publishing legal regulations and standards that govern the safe design, shipbuilding, stability, electrical and mechanical systems, life-saving systems, fire safety equipment, and other ship equipment, thus contributing to achieving the highest levels of efficiency and quality for shipping services.

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