High Readiness for Hajj with 18 Hospitals and 126 Health Centers in Makkah Health Cluster

Mina Al-Wadi Hospital is ready to serve pilgrims; says MoH
Mina Al-Wadi Hospital is ready to serve pilgrims; says MoH

Under the direct supervision and follow-up of the Ministry of Health, the Makkah Health Cluster confirmed readiness for this year’s Hajj season 1445 AH by accomplishment operational plans for all hospitals and affiliated health centers in Makkah and the Holy Sites to provide high-quality integrated medical services according to organizational plans supervised by the ministry by readying 18 hospitals and 126 health centers in Makkah and the Holy Sites.

The cluster said that hospitals and health centers have completed all preparations to implement the prepared plans, as Ajyad Emergency Hospital works 24 hours a day to provide health care to visitors and worshippers at the Grand Mosque, in addition to three emergency centers in the courtyards of the mosque which are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to deal with emergency cases.

Al-Haram Hospital has also been operated in the northern courtyards of the Grand Mosque.

All capabilities have been harnessed to train personnel and provide the required needs, said the Makkah Health Cluster, to ensure the continuation of work in all outpatient clinics in all hospitals and centers, as 3,944 beds were allocated in various health facilities, including 654 beds for intensive care.

The Makkah Health Cluster also noted that 155 ambulances operational for work throughout the Hajj season are ready, in addition to supporting Nimra Hospital with mobile ambulance buses and 13 ambulance teams, in addition to the distribution of 8 ambulance teams in the Jabal Al-Rahma Hospital, 12 ambulance teams in the Jamarat facility’s basement, and designating 23 ambulance teams distributed on hospitals.