Film Commission Launches Second Edition of 'Saudi Film Nights' in 5 Countries

The Saudi Film Commission
The Saudi Film Commission

The Film Commission has launched the second edition of “Saudi Film Nights” in five countries, starting with Morocco this April, moving on to Australia, China, India, and concluding in Mexico in January 2025.

The event includes the screening of more than 20 Saudi feature and short films that were already shown at local and international film festivals and have garnered accolades from cinema audiences, and discussions between filmmakers of selected films with movie buffs, academics, critics, and artists.

Film Commission CEO Eng. Abdullah Al-Qahtani said: “The Saudi Film Nights reflects our commitment to enhancing cinema culture in the Kingdom, and highlights the potential of Saudi films in attracting international audiences.”

He added that this year the commission aims for the event to have a wider impact, hence holding it in several countries around the world, to support local talent, and to raise awareness about Saudi film industry internationally.

The first edition of the Saudi Film Nights was held last year in four French cities; five films were screened on the occasion.

The aim was to shed light on film production in the Kingdom, support Saudi filmmakers, enable them to reach a diverse international audience, and help them exchange expertise and knowledge.