Diriyah Global Seminar Exploring Mosaic of Cultural Encounters Kicks off

Diriyah Global Seminar Exploring Mosaic of Cultural Encounters Kicks off

Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) launched the two-day Diriyah Global Seminar, which is organized by the authority under the theme "Diriyah: A Mosaic of Cultural Encounters".

Inaugurated by DGDA CEO Jerry Inzerillo, the event that aims to ignite intellectual curiosity, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration and academic research will be attended by a diverse range of local and global scholars, researchers, and specialists, alongside a group of students. The event also aims to showcase the archaeological discoveries and cultural and historical heritage of Diriyah, which dates back more than 600 years.

The forum will cover three main themes in its varied sessions: "The Architectural and Artistic Intersections", which discuss the aspects that shaped the distinctive architectural characteristics of the region. The "Woven Histories" theme will showcase the most influential figures in the history of the region, as well as important events that contributed to shaping the history of Diriyah.

The third theme, "Unearthing the Past," will highlight the importance of heritage discoveries and shed light on the rich cultural heritage of the region and the diverse factors that contributed to shaping the unique identity of Diriyah.

Emphasizing the significance of the event, Inzerillo commented, "The Diriyah Global Seminar underscores our commitment to establishing one of the world's greatest cultural gathering places — a space that nurtures creativity and innovation and serves as a global platform to engage in cultural exchange.

We are hugely excited to welcome experts and scholars to engage in meaningful discussions and extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Fahad Alsamari and other members of the heritage and culture committee to ensure Diriyah's legacy is highlighted and celebrated."

The Diriyah Global Seminar will be accompanied by an exhibition that will extend for over a week, showcasing Diriyah's history, heritage, and rich culture.

Organized field visits will be conducted for the forum's participants to explore the heritage and cultural sites in Diriyah and to learn about its ancient history and the massive development and tourism projects being implemented.

Among the highlights are the historical At-Turaif district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Bujairi Terrace, where the finest restaurants and cafés from the Kingdom and around the world converge.