COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Drop more than 90%, Critical Cases by 45% in Saudi Arabia,

New COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia continue to drop
New COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia continue to drop

Assistant Minister of Health and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulaali noted that the world is still facing the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, whereas countries' interaction with this phase which is characterised by the emergence of Omicron variant is varying, noting that some countries have overcome this phase thanks to the fruitful and serious steps they have taken to increase the level of community immunity with vaccines and preventive measures, while other countries still have low levels of immunity.

New COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia continue to drop
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In his daily briefing, Dr. Al-Abdulaali stressed that all assessments issued by official platforms of organizations, commissions and specialized institutions continue to put the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at advanced rankings, whether at the level of the G20 or the entire world, noting that epidemiological curves of normal and critical cases have decreased after the latest wave by more than 90%, also accompanied by a drop in the critical cases to 45% compared to past weeks, highlighting positive epidemiological indicators.

The spokesperson pointed out that the number of administered jabs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exceeded 60 million shots, the number of people who received two shots reached 24 million and those who got the booster shot reached more than 11 million.

He stressed the impact of vaccines in protecting the society and reducing the number of critical cases to keep the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within safe health levels.

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