Badael Company Invites to Join its Initiative, Sign a Pledge for a Smoke-Free Saudi Arabia

Badael Company Invites to Join its Initiative, Sign a Pledge for a Smoke-Free Saudi Arabia

As Badael, a PIF Company, marks its first anniversary, coinciding with 'World No Tobacco Day' on 31 May, the company announced the launch of the 'Clear the Air' campaign. This initiative calls upon individuals, organizations, and government entities to unite in creating a smoke-free Saudi Arabia.

Badael aims to curb smoking by providing safer alternatives in line with the quality-of-life Vision 2030.

The company is leading the cause to help one million Saudis quit smoking by 2028, thanks to the first-ever Saudi-made DZRT nicotine pouches manufactured in Saudi Arabia.

In its first year, Badael achieved significant milestones, establishing and expanding its manufacturing capacity while investing substantially in research and development to enhance its product range.

The company has diversified its distribution channels surpassing one million e-commerce orders since its inception, helping around three hundred thousand people locally transition from tobacco to their products. These achievements are a testament to Badael's commitment to public health, underscore the company's steadfast dedication to its mission, and exemplify its commitment to future expansion and innovation.

As part of the 'Clear the Air' campaign, individuals, corporations, and government bodies are invited to sign the pledge for a smoke-free Saudi Arabia. This collective effort aims to significantly reduce tobacco use and improve the overall well-being of Saudi society.

The pledge emphasizes raising awareness about the dangers of smoking, supporting quitters, protecting youth, promoting clean air, and safeguarding the environment.

Make a difference by visiting Badael's website and signing the pledge (

Tolga Sezer, Chief Executive Officer of Badael, stated that "World No Tobacco Day is a powerful reminder of the urgent need to foster a better future for the Kingdom.

Supporting Vision 2030, Badael is leading the cause to switch smokers away from a very harmful habit with the help of reduced-risk alternatives like DZRT nicotine pouches by 2028.

As we commemorate this day, we launch the 'Clear the Air' campaign to emphasize the significance of our mission and rally everyone to join the cause.

By signing the pledge, you commit to raising awareness about the dangers of smoking, supporting those who wish to quit, protecting our youth, advocating for clean air, and respecting our environment. Together, we can create a brighter, smoke-free future for all."