AlUla Moments Previews Winter at Tantora Activations, Promises ‘Many Moments Of Inspiration and Joy’ During ‘Ultimate Spectacle’

AlUla Moments Previews Winter at Tantora Activations, Promises ‘Many Moments Of Inspiration and Joy’ During ‘Ultimate Spectacle’

AlUla Moments has released exciting new details surrounding Winter at Tantora, the region’s longest-running culture, art, and music festival that returns with its highly anticipated fifth edition tomorrow and runs until January 27, 2024. Back to showcase the very best of AlUla, the flagship festival invites culture explorers, entertainment lovers, and wanderlust nomads for a six-week fusion of premium celebrations encompassing incredible activations and activities.

With six themed weekends and a world-class events program locked in, attendees have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse tapestry of music, art, sports, fashion, and cultural festivities – all set against the backdrop of AlUla’s captivating landscapes.

“This edition of Winter at Tantora is poised to be our best yet and the festivities we have in store will really ignite celebratory spirit with dazzling experiences for people of all interests,” said Vice President of Destination Management and Marketing at the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) Rami AlMoallim.

He added: “Each edition of Winter at Tantora surpasses the last by weaving together many moments of inspiration and joy’. Festival mainstays are being brought together with brand new additions for the ultimate spectacle.

This year we are celebrating the Year of Arabic Poetry with different activites specifically designed for this purpose.”

One day out from December 21 when the ancient oasis transforms into a vibrant winter destination overnight, AlUla Moments has previewed several events starring during the festival.

Among them, Jamil and Bouthayna musical show at Maraya on December 22nd, will showcase talented Saudi singer Zeina Emad performing the opening act with an exclusive song inspired by AlUla, written by renowned Saudi poet Fahad AlMusaed in celebration of the love story of Jamil and Bouthayna story which took place in AlUla back in time.

Word of AlUla is another experience dedicated to commemorate the richness of Arabic language and culture. Running from December 21 until January 21, this program of workshops, exhibitions, talks, and live performances will enable visitors to explore the diverse facets of the Arabic language and its influence on art, literature, music, and society.

Another event taking place on December 21st and 22nd is the Poets Parade, An exciting collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Culture celebrating the 2023 Year of Arabic Poetry.

Guests will enjoy being immersed in this lively and engaging Poets' Parade, a world where the lives and legacies of 14 star poets are bought vividly to life in a show bursting with bold acting and imaginative performances - making poetry engaging and enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

Imaginative giant props, captivating music, and cast of more than 30 live artists brings the spirit of Arabic poetry into the heart of AlUla's Old Town.

Additionally, visitors of AlUla can look forward to other events like the Tantora Celebration, Shorfat AlJaddidah, Hegra Candlelit Classics concert at Hegra and Swiss Orchestra Concert at Maraya, and much more.

For more information and to book tickets, kindly visit the Experience AlUla website.