AlUla Falcon Cup Preserves Heritage and Inspires Future Generations of Falconers

AlUla Falcon Cup Preserves Heritage and Inspires Future Generations of Falconers

AlUla Falcon Cup, held by the Saudi Falcons Club and the Royal Commission for AlUla until January 5th, serves as a platform for preserving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's rich falconry heritage, passing it down from one generation to the next in AlUla and across all regions of the Kingdom.

Falconer Eid Al-Anazi emphasized the significance of organizing AlUla Falcon Cup, the largest international competition in the field of falconry, with prizes amounting to SAR60 million.

He said that this esteemed event serves as an inspiration for falconers to engage their children in the competition, enabling them to become acquainted with the legacy of their ancestors and carry on their traditions.
Al-Anazi highlighted the historical significance of AlUla as the land of migratory falcons.

He emphasized that the tradition of falconry, initially rooted in hunting, has been passed down through generations, starting from his grandfather to his father, and then to him and his siblings. Their children continue to follow the same path.

His son, the young falconer Abdullah bin Eid, shared that he embarked on his falconry journey under the guidance of his father at the age of seven. He received comprehensive training on various aspects, including handling and feeding the falcons.

Abdullah added that his father always takes him along on training and hunting trips, providing valuable hands-on experience in the world of falconry.

Similarly, the young falconer Saad bin Tayyan mentioned that he has loved falcons since his early years. His passion for falconry developed due to his close relationship with his father, who actively involved him in falconry competitions, hunting endeavors, and the various responsibilities associated with caring for falcons.

Abdulilah Al-Azmi, another aspiring falconer, proudly said that his love for falcons was passed down from his father. He received training from his father encompassing diverse technical aspects of falconry, hunting techniques, and even participating in falcon races spanning a distance of 400 meters.

Such guidance and mentorship from fathers instilled in their children a deep appreciation for falconry and equipped them with the skills necessary to excel in this captivating pursuit.