AlUla Academy Spearheads Tourism Vocational Training in Saudi Arabia and Beyond

AlUla Academy Spearheads Tourism Vocational Training in Saudi Arabia and Beyond

The Royal Commission for AlUla recently unveiled AlUla Academy, a pioneering initiative designed to establish a world-class center for vocational training in the tourism sector.

Partnering with, the academy is set to welcome its first batch of students in early July.

AlUla is a historical and cultural destination located in the northwest Arabian Peninsula, known for its ancient sites and natural beauty.

According to officials, AlUla Academy aspires to become a global hub that cultivates a skilled workforce dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences for AlUla international visitors.

"Learning institutions like the AlUla Academy play a pivotal role," said Philip Jones, chief tourism officer for the Royal Commission for AlUla.

"They create employment opportunities while upholding the highest standards in tourism experiences – experiences that meet global expectations while retaining the authentic Saudi identity.

The academy's innovative approach, combining physical and digital learning environments, will accelerate professional skills development, propelling the Kingdom's tourism sector toward achieving its ambitious goals."

This initiative aligns with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals, which prioritize economic diversification and creating 1.3 million job opportunities for the Kingdom's youths in the tourism sector.

By equipping frontline tourism staff with the necessary expertise, AlUla Academy aims to elevate visitors’ experiences to exceptional levels, ensuring that every encounter captures the unique essence of AlUla.