Al-Baha Farms Bloom as Tourist Destinations

Al-Baha Farms Bloom as Tourist Destinations

Al-Baha's private farms are becoming popular tourist destinations. Many, like Al-Hazem farm in Al-Mandaq Governorate, have been revitalized by their owners to showcase the region's unique agricultural and tourism potential.

These revitalized farms boast diverse trees and charming rural huts, thoughtfully arranged to attract visitors. Othman Al-Zahrani, owner of Al-Hazem farm, began its rehabilitation in 2022.

He restored agricultural terraces and planted a variety of seasonal fruits Al-Baha is known for, including pomegranates and citrus varieties, as well as coffee.

To further enhance the appeal, Al-Zahrani added several amenities: cabins and meeting spaces for rent, a café, and a nature retreat offering various seating areas amidst the farm's beauty, complete with waterfalls and birdlife.

This trend to rehabilitate farms is spreading in Al-Baha. Residents are transforming their farms into tourist attractions, highlighting the region's unique identity and aligning with Saudi Vision 2030's goals and the Saudi Green Initiative.