Advanced Technologies Utilized to Decide Winners at AlUla Falcon Cup

Advanced Technologies Utilized to Decide Winners at AlUla Falcon Cup

AlUla Falcon Cup has utilized modern technologies to confirm the winning results of the falcons participating in Al-Melwah competition, which measure fractions of a second through two technological systems of the main laser system and the backup camera system.

Experts in calculating times and distances at AlUla Falcon Cup, Saudi Rajeh Al-Jehni and Italian Francesco Driego noted that the two systems used to calculate time and speed are among the latest technologies ever, as they have been previously tested in long-distance running races, as well as on Formula One circuits, and have proven their effectiveness and accuracy. They noted that the two systems measure the speed of the falcon in the air while travelling 400 meters in the AlUla Falcon Cup, which is organized by the Saudi Falcons Club in partnership with the Royal Commission for AlUla, with awards of up to SAR60 million.

The experts pointed out that the main system used is a laser, installed at the start and finish points. Once the falcon leaves the falconer's hand and passes the first measurement device, time and speed begin to be calculated. Upon reaching the finish line, the result is recorded immediately. The system shows the falcon's data on the screen, its number recorded in the competition records, and its ranking among the participating falcons.

They added that the other system is secondary and relies on cameras, which calculate the speed and time of the falcon upon arrival at the finish line. Results are compared each time with the results of the main system, where the results are mostly final, except in rare cases, where falcons should retake the race if the committee decides so.