75 Million Individuals Benefit from Volunteer Efforts in 2023

Saudi Volunteers race to serve the pilgrims
Saudi Volunteers race to serve the pilgrims

In a significant stride towards achieving the goals of Vision 2030, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has been fostering a culture of volunteer work within individuals and society.

The year 2023 witnessed remarkable progress in the field, with about 75 million beneficiaries reaping the rewards of volunteer efforts.

To provide an optimal environment for volunteers, the ministry established the National Volunteer Portal, attracting over 1.8 million registered volunteers and collaborating with more than 6,000 organizations offering volunteer opportunities.

During 2023, the number of volunteers who participated in a single volunteer activity exceeded 843,000, with over 3 million individuals engaging in multiple volunteer activities.

These dedicated volunteers embarked on more than 528,000 opportunities across diverse sectors, including health, social and economic development, environment, and media.

Their collective efforts amounted to a 53 million volunteer hours spent in various regions and cities across the Kingdom.
The satisfaction rate among volunteers participating in these initiatives soared to over 98%.

In the Pilgrim Experience Program, the volunteers who participated in a single volunteer activity surpassed 131,000, and over 222,000 engaged in multiple volunteer activities.

They accomplished over 8,000,000 voluntary hours through over 53,000 voluntary opportunities.

In developing the capabilities of volunteers during the past year, the ministry provided over 19,000 consultations and 55 workshops whose beneficiaries were over 4,000 people and over 700 entities. The economic returns from voluntary work yielded over SAR1.332 billion in 2023.

The ministry launched The National Volunteer Portal in 2020 to provide a Saudi platform that manages the voluntary work opportunities provided. The portal has several services and features, the most notable of which are secure verification through linking activities with the National Information Center (NIC) and easy access to voluntary opportunities in several fields.

The portal also documents voluntary hours and efforts for individuals and displays them on Absher's platform.