200 Students Participate in Final Qualifiers for World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2022

200 Students Participate in Final Qualifiers for World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2022

The Ministry of Education took part in the World Robot Olympiad WRO final qualifiers for the 2022 season, organized by the Saudi Wireless Sports and Remote Sports Federation and Robot, with the participation of 90 trainers and more than 200 students representing 18 education departments in the regions and governorates. The students will represent the Kingdom in the World Championship, which will take place soon in Germany with the participation of more than 90 countries.

The Ministry of Education, by participating in the three-day final qualifiers under the theme “My Robot My Friend" at the King Salman Science Oasis in Riyadh, seeks to showcase students' creativity and problem-solving skills for the age groups of 9 to 19 years old.

This could be accomplished through robotics and artificial intelligence challenges utilizing the STEM methodology, promoting the culture of wireless sports in the educational community, and keeping pace with the advancements of virtual robot challenges in line with the objectives of the Kingdom's vision 2030 in creating a globally competitive generation.

Through participating and representing the kingdom, the Ministry of Education aims to develop the students’ skills in five areas.

They include the future innovators' category to build smart robotic solutions, the robot tasks category to design and program robots with an algorithm to solve all possibilities of random assignment of tasks; and the robot sports category to compete among teams in tennis.

The categories also include the Future Engineer category to combine engineering design, programming skills, and artificial intelligence to build a self-driving car model, in addition to the Virtual Robot Challenges category, which aims to develop students’ technical skills through robot programming.

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