Saudi Arabia to plant 50k trees in afforestation campaign

Saudi Arabia to plant 50k trees in afforestation campaign
Saudi Arabia to plant 50k trees in afforestation campaign

Saudi Arabia launches a national afforestation campaign, where 50,000 trees to be planted to combat desertification and restore vegetation.

The Saudi ministry of environment, water and agriculture launched anational campaign of afforestation in the Kingdom's regions on Saturday. Theenvironment announced that the season of afforestation campaigns will startfrom the city of Thadiq in Riyadh region, specifically Thadiq National Park for theplanting of 50,000 trees with the participation of the people of the provinceand visitors, as well as the participation of the public and private sectorsand schools, in terms of community participation.

The ministry has allocated a registration form through its website for those wishing to join the campaign.

The ministry confirmed that the Kingdom's Vision 2030 attachedgreat importance to the protection of the environment and natural resourcesbecause of its pivotal role in achieving sustainable development and well-beingof society.

The ministry of environment, water and agriculture and the saline water conversion corporation signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation on Monday to support the afforestation initiative and the development of natural vegetation by planting 5 million local wild trees by the end of 2030 using treated water.

The signing of the MoU is aimed at reducing the degradation ofpastures and forests, combating desertification, restoring wildlife, raisingenvironmental awareness and promoting adaptation to climate change throughplanting local wild trees, reaching 5 million local trees by the end of 2030,and seeking to promote integration between the two parties in the public interest.

The MoU also aims to build an effective partnership to make thebest use of renewable and renewed water sources such as rainwater and treatedwastewater, using modern technologies and international best practices in thefield of vegetation development.

The minister of environment, water and agriculture, AbdulrahmanAl-Fadhli, said: "This national campaign is our way to combat desertificationand restore our vegetation".

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