Saudi Arabia suspends entry for Umrah temporarily amid coronavirus fears

Saudi Arabia suspends entry for Umrah temporarily amid coronavirus fears

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the competenthealth authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are closely following thedevelopments of the spread of the new the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Ministry affirms the keenness of the Kingdom'sgovernment through those authorities to implement the approved internationalstandards and support the efforts of countries and international organizations,especially the World Health Organization, to stop the spread of thevirus, control it and eliminate it.

In completion of the efforts taken to provide the utmostprotection to the safety of citizens and residents and everyone who intends tocome to the territory of the Kingdom to perform Umrah or visit theProphet's Mosque or for the purpose of tourism, and based on therecommendations of the competent health authorities to apply the highestprecautionary standards, and take proactive preventive measures to prevent thearrival of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) to the Kingdom and its spread.

The Kingdom's government has decided to suspend entry to theKingdom for the purpose of Umrah and visiting the Prophet's Mosquetemporarily, suspend entry into the Kingdom with tourist visas for those comingfrom countries in which the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) is adanger, and to suspend the use by Saudi nationals and citizens of GulfCooperation Council states of the national identity card to travel to andfrom the Kingdom.

The last precaution excludes Saudis who are abroad if theirexit from the Kingdom is with the national identity card, and citizens of theGulf Cooperation Council countries currently inside the Kingdom, and wish toreturn from it to their countries, in case of that, their entry was with thenational identity card, in order for the concerned authorities at the entrypoints to verify from which countries visitors came before their arrival to thekingdom, and apply health precautions to deal with those coming from thosecountries.

The Kingdom affirms that these procedures are temporary, andis subject to continuous evaluation by the competent authorities. The Kingdomrenews its support for all international measures taken to limit the spread ofthe virus. The Foreign Ministry calls on citizens not to travel tocountries where the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading.

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