Saudi Arabia shows great contribution to the cause of ‘climate change’

Saudi Arabia shows great contribution to the cause of ‘climate change’
Deviating from expectations, Saudi Arabia; largest oil exporter, active in climate change issues: An archive photo of King Salman and Crown Prince inaugurate the green Riyadh projects in the Saudi capital

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers the issue of climate change as one of the most important issues that poses a danger to the world, as it called on the countries' government to intensify work on the climate issue at the United Nations Conference to Combat Climate Change, stressing that this move is capable of saving millions of lives annually.

The United Nations organization on climate change and health called for the need to take major steps in all sectors, including energy, transportation and finance, explaining that the benefits of ambitious moves on the issue of climate on public health far outweigh the costs.

Riyadh, Paris Agreement

It seemed that Saudi Arabia had taken proactive steps to face climate change and its consequences, as the kingdom signed the Paris Agreement in November 2015, and since that moment it has reduced up to 130 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

The first stages of these steps began to gain its results, as early last year after an analysis conducted by the King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies and Research showed that Saudi Arabia had become the third fastest reducer of emissions from fuel consumption among the G20 countries.

Carbon dioxide emissions in the Kingdom decreased by 26 million tons, a decrease of about 4.4% from the previous year.

Among the steps taken by the Kingdom to confront climate change, Saudi Arabia joined the club of countries and associations that launched bold efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, restore ecosystems and reduce the ecological footprint.

Moreover, the Kingdom has pioneered the framework of the Carbon Circular Economy (CCE) as a way to address the challenge of climate change, and indeed this approach was unanimously adopted last year at the G20 Summit of world leaders under the Saudi presidency.

Green Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has also launched during the last period, in conjunction with Vision 2030, a plan to preserve the environment and rely on initiatives concerned with protecting the environment and facing the threat of climate change.

Green Middle East project aims to plant 50 billion trees in the region, where they draw the direction of the country (according to Vision 2030) and the entire region towards protecting the land and nature, putting them in a road map with clear landmarks, and contributing strongly to achieving global goals. These projects are an environmentally responsible source of energy, through which the Kingdom seeks to reduce carbon emissions and combat environmental pollution, in addition to being a qualitative leap in the history of energy.

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