Saudi Arabia provides humanitarian aid for 70 million Women and 112 million Children

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The Adviser at the Royal Court, Supervisor General of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief), Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, explained that Saudi Arabia, through the KSrelief, provided humanitarian aid to more than 155 countries, amounted to $93 billion, with full neutrality, transparency, not differentiating between color, gender, shape and borders, and not linking humanitarian actions to a political or religious agenda.

This came during Dr. Al-Rabeeah's participation on Friday as part of the Leaders' Summit Program, which continues its work in Riyadh, and addresses a number of issues related to the summit's work, as he shed light today on the title "The Kingdom's Presidency of the G20, Challenges and Achievements".

"Saudi Arabia was keen on caring for children and women, concentrating its humanitarian work on supporting women and education in needy countries that suffer from challenges.

It was also keen on caring for children, indicating that within five years the center was able to reach more than 70 million women and 112 million children in 54 countries, indicating that the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which was adopted by our wise leadership," Dr. Al-Rabeeah affirmed.

"The KSrelief has been mandated to be an incubator for external humanitarian volunteer work and we are living through these challenges". He added that the KSrelief prepares medical campaigns, which will be carried out in 44 countries to help 500 thousand patients from incurable diseases such as heart diseases, pediatric surgery and orthopedics," he added.

He also addressed the international efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, provided $500 million to support global and regional organizations, and allocated $150 million to the Alliance for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, $150 million to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization and $200 million to the organizations and international and regional health programs related to Covid-19.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has provided $220 million to support countries in need that suffer from weak health systems in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

Dr. Al-Rabeeah reviewed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's great efforts and procedures in the internal affairs to prepare for the pandemic, starting with appropriate planning by establishing multiple and specialized committees that include governance, health and security higher committees, as well as committees for negotiation, procurement, media, and scientific and research committees, where SR400 billion have been pumped to support the working forces and volunteers who were more active to work in the health system, in addition to the expansion of training programs for workers in the health field, the main concern of which is the preservation of people and everyone who lives in Saudi Arabia.

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