Saudi Arabia Plans 180 Global Initiatives for G20 Summit

The first Saudi Media Forum was held to mark the Kingdom's hosting of the Group of Twenty this year
The first Saudi Media Forum was held to mark the Kingdom's hosting of the Group of Twenty this year

Saudi Arabia is running over 180 initiatives and challenges for the G20 summit that it will host in November.

The Kingdom has also decided to establish the largest media center of its kind for such international forums. It will accommodate 10,000 journalists and reporters covering the November G20 summit.

Saudi Arabia's official representative for the 2020 G20 summit, State Minister Fahd al-Mubarak, stressed that the world economy is now going through a complex period full of uncertainty. Despite the improvement in global economic growth since the 2008 financial crisis.

Mubarak said Saudi Arabia has discussed with international and regional organizations, think-tanks, experts and representatives of communication groups at the international, regional and local levels the challenges facing the world and the solutions the international community can provide.

"Despite the various opportunities that can contribute to the raise of the global economy in 2020, a number of challenges and risks can halt this growth," he noted.

Mubarak also highlighted the financial market fluctuations, environmental challenges and demographic changes, as well as the uncertainty facing promising technologies.

He said that the Kingdom has only 10 years to achieve its Vision 2030.

He also stressed that its goals along with those of the G20 are largely consistent.

"As it hosts the G20 summit, the Kingdom will tackle the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. We will work to achieve tangible results for the whole world, in cooperation with G20 member states," he said.

"We will also communicate with all relevant parties, such as non-member states, international organizations and civil society representatives."

Minister of Media Turki al-Shabanah said the Kingdom has prepared an integrated program. This is to ensure the success of the global event and address current and emerging issues, along with future challenges.

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