Saudi Arabia participates in the International Paris Air Show – SIAE Le Bourget

Saudi Arabia participates in the 53rd SIAE to take place from 17 to 23 June 2019
Saudi Arabia participates in the 53rd SIAE to take place from 17 to 23 June 2019

The General Manager of Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saleh Al-Jasser, has signed an agreement, on the sidelines of the International Paris Air Show (SIAE), to boost its fleet from 35 aircraft to 100 aircraft worth $10bn.

Saudi Arabia participates in the international aviation show, which opened on June 17th and continues till June 23rd, with a large delegation and a remarkable participation in the platform for presenting the products of Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) Company which was established in June 2017 as an independent national entity concerned with developing and supporting the military industries in Saudi Arabia and enhancing its self-sufficiency, in line with Vision 2030, which requires the activation of new sectors and the opening of local investment prospects. The company invests in development and manufacturing through four main units: air systems, ground systems, weapons, missiles and defense electronics.

The Saudi platform "stand" was attended by delegations from around the world to exchange experiences and know-how on the products of the Saudi Arabian Military Industries company. The first day witnessed many agreements and military memoranda signed between the Saudi company and international companies.

Thisyear, the festive atmosphere of the aviation show was absent amid increasingfears of trade wars between China and the United States, as well as the growingregional tensions, especially in the Gulf region.

Theshow is not only about aircraft deals, but it also attracts many weapons buyersaround the world who come to follow the latest developments in combatequipment, from anti-aircraft missiles to highly desirable electronic warfarecapabilities. France and Germany will unveil a model of the true size of a newproposed fighter, and sign a framework agreement to move ahead with itsproject, which includes drones.

Dr. Andreas Schwer, the Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Arabian Military Industries company, said that the company's initial contracts to be implemented by the company, would allow 20 to 30 percent to start, an excellent starting point in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian Military Industries Company has been working since the first of Jan. divided into four parts, each part is to be implemented in cooperation with the original tool manufacturers group. The Governor of the General Authority for Military Industries, Ahmad Al-Ohali, said that the Authority will work on the development of policies, strategies, systems, and regulations related to the military industry sector, and the management of military procurement operations for the security and military authorities in Saudi Arabia and we will conclude many agreements to develop our military industry with giant companies.

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