Saudi Arabia Keen On Stability Of Global Economy

Saudi Arabia Keen On Stability Of Global Economy
Saudi economy gains second impetus for credit growth

Saudi Arabia has spared no effort in supporting Yemen and its people and maintaining its stability, Al-Bilad newspaper reported.

The paper added that in this context, the announcement made by coalition forces Command fo extendable two-week comprehensive ceasefire in Yemen has come to confront the implications of coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic and to pave the way for the resuming of the political process between the Yemeni parties to in order to reach a comprehensive solution.

In another context, Al-Yaum newspaper reported in its editorial that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia called on holding urgent meeting of OPEC+ group along with a number of other producing countries.

The paper added that this vital meeting is seen as an extension of the great efforts and sustainable initiatives being made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve a balanced and stable market for supporting the global economy.

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