Saudi Arabia Hails UN after Blaming Iran for Attacks on Kingdom

Saudi Arabia Hails UN after Blaming Iran for Attacks on Kingdom
UNs Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to the Security Council

The Saudi Foreign Ministry welcomed on Tuesday a report submitted by UNs Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to the Security Council; in which he confirmed Iran's direct complicity and responsibility in sabotage attacks that targeted Aramco's Abqaiq and Khurais oil facilities last year.

The ministry underlined the Saudi government's faith in the UN and the Security Council; trusting that they will perform their duties in safeguarding international peace and security. In addition to standing against all systematic violations of international laws and norms; which Iran commits for its terrorist interests since 1979.

The report leaves no room for doubt by the international community over Iran's hostile intentions towards the Kingdom, Arab region and entire world, it said.

It revealed the regime's hostile and sabotage plots to destabilize the region. Besides, its logistic, financial and military support for terrorist militias in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and other countries, it remarked.

By inviting international and UN experts to take part in the investigation in attacks on its territories; Saudi Arabia demonstrated its high transparency with the international community; its keenness on the stability of the region; and refusal to be dragged into Iran's schemes to ignite chaos in the region, it also stressed.

The Kingdom also reiterated that it will not allow Iranian violations of its borders; national security or the safety of international marine routes. The Foreign Ministry underscored the need for the international community and Security Council. This is to take the "appropriate steps in maintaining the arms embargo on Iran to limit the crimes and hostility of this regime."

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