Saudi Arabia Attaches Utmost Importance to Promote and Respect International Humanitarian Law

Saudi Arabia Attaches Utmost Importance to Promote and Respect International Humanitarian Law

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirmed that it attaches theutmost importance to the promotion and respect of the internationalhumanitarian law, which comes in line with its consistent and supportive standsfor the international charters and institutional treaties of the internationalhumanitarian law, including four Geneva conventions.

Speaking before the 33rd International Conference of theRed Cross and Red Crescent in Geneva, the Kingdom'sambassador to the United Nations in Geneva Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Wasil, saidthat the Kingdom, has taken steps, at the national level and through thepermanent committee of the international humanitarian law, to enhance domesticawareness of the international humanitarian law and spread its provisions amongthe State's institutions and all segments of the society.

He pointed out that the Kingdom has established a legal teamat the Ministry of Defense to ensure the promotion and respect of theinternational humanitarian law.

Al-Wasil highlighted the Kingdom's participation in manyregional and international forums aimed at promoting international humanitarianlaw, pointing out that the entire world, including our region, is witnessingmany crises and conflicts that require concerted international efforts todevelop political solutions.

He stressed that the Kingdom is committed to humanitarianprinciples, adding that it has taken many initiatives that contributed todevelop solutions to some crises and supported the efforts of internationalorganizations and bodies to reduce the effects of armed conflicts and naturaldisasters in some regions in the world.

He indicated that the Kingdom's contributions, during thecurrent year, amounted to about USD2.1 billion, while King Salman HumanitarianAid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has established the project for clearing mines(Masam) and the rehabilitation project for recruits and those affected by armedconflict in Yemen.

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