Saudi Arabia arrests 3 ‘Ethiopian infiltrators’ linked to Ghulamah Mountain fire

Ghulamah Mountain fire
Ghulamah Mountain fire

Saudi Arabia's interior ministry has arrested three "Ethiopian infiltrators" linked to the massive fire; that broke out last week on Ghulamah Mountain located in the Kingdom's southwestern Asir region.

Last week, the Kingdom's General Directorate of Civil Defense said the fire started in a rugged area in Tanouma's Jabal Ghulamah.

"The security spokesman for the Ministry of Interior stated that the security follow-up and the search and investigation procedures for the causes of a fire in Jabal Ghulamah located in the Tanuma Governorate of the Asir region, resulted in information indicating; that a number of violators of the border security system set fire as a result of disputes between them;" read a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency.

"They fled the site after the spread of the fire; which spread over an area of more than 4.7 million square meters and resulted in the burning of large numbers of wild plants;" the statement added.

Civil defense teams in Asir; were able to extinguish the fire in Tanouma and prevent it from reaching residential areas; without causing any injuries in the process.

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