Riyadh Season 2021: Safari Park Activities Extended until January 16th

Riyadh Season 2021: Safari Park Activities Extended until January 16th

The Riyadh Season 2021 announced late on Monday that the working days of the "Safari Park" will continue until January 16, 2022, offering an opportunity for more mesmerizing interactive experiences, as it embraces a corner where white lions can be watched, given that it is one of the rarest species and the most recent to be brought in the region.

The Safari Park is located 80 kilometers west of Riyadh, providing a natural environment and realistic elements rich in fun, varying from interactive tours among animals with specialized guides, recreational activities, and family games, to enjoying delicious foods, and various experiences that make the "Safari Park" area a unique entertainment experience.

The area encourages its visitors to experience close interaction with domestic and wild animals, under the supervision of expert staff in dealing with animals, in a safe environment that preserves the natural resources of the world, while interestingly presenting them.

The "Safari Park" activities are targeting children and families, and include many kinetic activities, such as climbing, jumping rope, and fun challenging games, in addition to providing various water games, such as water bikes and family rowing boats; to reflect the diversity and inclusion of entertainment for all members of society that Riyadh Season 2021 offers.

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