Reception of US forces in Saudi Arabia

Reception of US forces in Saudi Arabia
Reception of US forces in Saudi Arabia

The decision by King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz to approve the reception of the US forces in Saudi Arabia as a step to strengthen cooperation for protecting the security and stability of the region was not only a response to the Saudi national interest, in light of the continued escalation of the crisis between Iran and the international forces, but the resolution was also a new confirmation of five facts concerning the role of the Kingdom and its global and regional status.

King Salman's agreement indicated that the historical relations between Riyadh and Washington were not affected by any of the storms that some have attempted to raise in recent months, especially in the political and cultural circles in the United States.

It is known that many attempts have been made over the past year inorder to strain the relationship between the two countries, but the Saudidiplomatic performance was able to constantly suppress them; however, SaudiArabia was achieving an international rise marked at the political and economiclevels.Saudi Arabia's role and status in the region is being assured by taking a new step towards stability.

Saudi Arabia's presence in the last two meetings of the G-20 alsoreflects the special appreciation of the Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman, bythe leaders of the major countries, particularly the United States and Russia.

On the economic level, according to many international reports, Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of the countries that achieve annual growth, not to mention what it has achieved in the field of human development, with various indicators.

Over the past years, Saudi Arabia together with its major oil exporters, has succeeded in balancing the global market and has taken the lead in protecting the global economy from the consequences of the Iranian escalation and the political crisis in Venezuela.

King Salman's decision affirmed that Saudi Arabia is no longer alone in the face of Iran's aggressive policy, after the leaders of the world, especially the United States of America, realized the importance of collective action to stop the danger represented by Tehran, without necessarily referring to the direction of the war.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Defense, the Saudiacceptance of the presence of US forces aims to raise the level of joint actionin defense of the security and stability of the region and ensure peace, whichmeans in practice that the purpose of this step is to deter sources of threat.

The Saudi approval for the reception of US forces evidently showsthat such a move is inseparable from cooperation and coordination betweenRiyadh and other regional and international capitals in order to protect thesecurity of the region.

The king's acceptance of US forces is part of Saudi Arabia'scommitment to prevent further regional tensions, as it represents a strongmessage to the Iranian regime that any futile attempts to exploit tensions inthe region will face the necessary deterrent force and militias.

Although Saudi Arabia has the necessary power to deal with thevarious threats, the presence of US forces is an enhancement of Saudi policy,which seeks to proactively contain risks, and not to engage in militaryconfrontations without abandoning its right to take all measures that preserveits safety and maintain the security and stability of its people.

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