Prominent anchor at Al-Jazeera TV accuses America of assassinating Austria’s Far-Right leader

Prominent anchor at Al-Jazeera TV accuses America of assassinating Austria's Far-Right leader
Prominent anchor at Al-Jazeera TV accuses America of assassinating Austria's Far-Right leader

A senior prominent anchor in the Qatari media network, Al-Jazeera implicitly accused the United States on Sunday of assassinating the Austrian far-right leader Jörg Haider, considering this as a proof of Washington's insistence on preventing Arabs from choosing their rulers.

"Years ago, in a very finecountry, America overthrew the Austrian leader Jörg Haider, winner of freedemocratic elections on the pretext of anti-Semitism," Faisal Al-Qasim,a controversial anchor at Al-Jazeera Arabic, tweeted through his officialaccount.

Al-Qassim added, "Jörg Haider disappearedafter a plotted car accident, so do you expect that America and the other global powers will leave us, the poor backward Arabs, to choose ourrulers ourselves!"

Jörg Haider led the Austrian far-rightat the turn of the current century, but his racist attitudes towardnon-Europeans were met with widespread discontent. The European Union boycottedthe government he took part in, in 2000, calling for him to step down as "theFreedom" Party leader before founding the Alliance for a Future Austria, whichremained marginal until his death.

Al-Qassim, a Syrian supporter ofthe active radical groups in his country, did not give evidence of the US-involvementin the assassination of Jörg Haider, which was on the effect of a trafficaccident in the province of Carinthia on the morning of October 11, 2008.

The Austrian police claimedlater that the incident occurred as a result of taking excessive amounts ofalcohol.

In the Arab world, Al-Qassim is classifiedas one of the most violence practice-inciting anchors in the face of the rulingauthorities, particularly in "the Arab Spring" countries, including hiscountry, which since 2011 has witnessed an armed conflict that has claimedhundreds of thousands of civilians and forced more than five million Syrians toflee to Europe and the neighboring countries.

Al-Qassim offers a weekly program on Al-Jazeera TV, in which he hosted representatives of forces described as terrorists, including the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian-backed Houthi movement.

The United States accused Iran,along with Al-Houthi's splinter militia of the legitimate government in Yemen,of carrying out attacks on oil tankers passing through the Strait of Bab El-Mandaband the Arabian Gulf, the latest of which was the bombing of two Norwegian andJapanese carriers last Thursday.

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