Prince Turki launches number of environmental initiatives

Prince Turki launches number of environmental initiatives
Prince Turki launches number of environmental initiatives

Prince Turki Bin Mohammed Bin Fahd, minister of state, member of the Cabinet and chairman of the board of directors of the Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Royal Reserve Development Authority; affirmed that the leadership pays great attention to the environment and natural reserves with the aim of developing them.

The development is environmental, economic, cultural and social, in a way that will positively affect the environmental life and be an outlet for citizens and visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the prince also added.

During his inspection tour and meeting with some people of the region; Prince Turki said that this interest was embodied in the issuance of the royal order to establish a council for royal reserves chaired by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy prime minister and minister of defense.

The CEO of Imam Turki bin Abdullah Royal Reserve Development Authority briefed Prince Turki on the plans and objectives to preserve and develop wildlife. Besides, protecting the environment in a way that ensures the ecological balance of the reserve.

Prominent heritage landmark

Prince Turki got a brief on the role of Special Forces for Environmental Security; in preserving the environment and preventing violations that harm the wildlife and the environment. He was also briefed on Darb Zubayda, which is one of the prominent heritage landmarks in the Kingdom.

During the visit, a number of Arabian sand gazelles released in cooperation with the National Center for Wildlife; within the reserve program to revive and develop wildlife in the presence of the CEO of the center, Dr. Mohammad Ali Qurban.

Afforestation campaign

The releasing process aims to resettle the endangered local wild animals, restore their environmental roles in nature; and raise awareness and enhance opportunities for environmental education.

Prince Turki also inaugurated the afforestation campaign inside Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Reserve; in cooperation with The National Center for Vegetation Cover and Combating Desertification, in the presence of a number of volunteers.

Prince Turki also launched the website of Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Reserve; which includes information about the reserve, updates on news and development projects. 

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