Omar Khairat for the first time in Saudi Arabia

Omar Khairat for the first time in Saudi Arabia
Omar Khairat for the first time in Saudi Arabia

For the first time, the international composer and pianist, Omar Khairat performs a concert in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is striving to enrich the musical, cultural, and artistic scene through supporting different events.

Winter at Tantora is the premier event held each winter by Al-Ula governorate in the north of Saudi Arabia, where one can also find dozens of globally-recognized archaeological sites. The very special program of the gala, which started last Dec. 20th and continues to next Feb. 9th, includes many cultural, heritage, artistic, musical, and literary events and shows held on weekends and host Arab and World artists. The ceremonies are organized to meet all interests and fit ages adding to the weekly-heritage ceremonies. Tantora is a pyramid-shaped solar clock that rises on the roof of one of the buildings in the center of the old town of Al-Ula as an integral part of its structure. The inhabitants of the city have relied on it for hundreds of years to know the time of the day and the seasons of the year. Each year, when the shade reaches the corresponding mark on the ground, where the shade reaches once a year and then retracts to form the shortest day and longest night of the year, in a festive celebration that brings together the people of Al-Ula of different ages; hence, the name of the festival.

One of the remarkable ceremonies isOmar Khairat concert held on Jan. 11 at Al-Maraya theatre. Omar Khairatbrilliantly started with one of his superb compositions for a great heritagepoem. The concert that has attracted audience's attendance, interest, andinteraction, continued for two hours and included the best of Khairat's worksand a renowned piece of music of his composition called "Arab Rhapsody"inspired by the Arab Peninsula's music, and rhythms. Thousands of Khairat'smusic lovers attended the concert along with a number of Saudi princes, andArab ambassadors and artists.

Omar Khairat has previously expressedhis desire to have "the first orchestral musical concert for Piano in theKingdom" adding that Saudi audience, who enjoys an elite taste of art, is verymuch present at his concerts held in Cairo Opera House, some of them wouldspecially come to Egypt to just attend his concerts and leave afterwards.Khairat who believes that many commonalities and relationships between bothpeoples other than the political and economic ones, has formerly, in 2016,presented a special musical composition to the Kingdom that he named "fromEgypt's People to Saudi Arabia".

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