OIC Condemns Houthi Militia’s attack against Saudi Arabia

OIC foreign ministers' meeting to discuss Israeli threats
OIC foreign ministers' meeting to discuss Israeli threats

Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Dr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen has strongly condemned the terrorist Houthi militia's launching of two ballistic missiles and bomb-laden UAVs towards civilians and civilian objects in the Southern Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen's announcement today.

In a statement issued today, Dr. Al-Othaimeen praised the vigilance and capabilities of the Saudi air defense forces that intercepted and destroyed the ballistic missiles and bomb-laden UAVs before reaching their targets.

The Secretary General reiterated OIC's support for all measures being taken by the Coalition Forces to protect civilians and civilian objects and combat the terrorist Houthi militia's acts, in accordance with international humanitarian law and its customary norms. He considered the Houthi militia's escalation as war crimes and blatant challenge to the international community.

Dr. Al-Othaimeen stressed the OIC's stand and solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in addressing the terrorist crimes committed by the terrorist Houthi militia, supporting all measures taken by Saudi Arabia to preserve its security, stability and the safety of its citizens and residents.

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