Number of female lawyers increased in Saudi Arabia by 66%

Number of female lawyers increased in Saudi Arabia by 66%

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Justice has witnessed a growing empowerment of women, where women are working as legal and social researchers, administrative assistants, program developers, and notaries.

The new structure of the Ministry of Justice included creating a women's department for the first time in the history of the ministry.

The Director of the Women's Department at the Ministry of Justice Noura Al-Ghunaim said that the number of female employees reached 1814, working in various judicial sectors, pointing out that they provided services to more than 30,500 beneficiaries during 2020.

In this context, the number of licensed female lawyers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia increased during the past year by 66% compared to 2019, as there were 618 female lawyers, increasing to 1029 by the end of 2020.

The Ministry said that the Justice Training Center recently offered a set of training courses within the program of preparing lawyers qualified to obtain a law practice license, which were attended by 4070 beneficiaries, 1680 of whom were women.

Reports issued by the General Directorate of Law Practice revealed that the total number of licensed lawyers during 2020 reached 1525, of whom 114 were male lawyers, while the number of female lawyers reached 411, and the number of corporate consultants reached 315, of whom 91 were women.

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