No entry for pilgrims without a Hajj permit to Holy Sites

Pilgrims perform four main rituals as Hajj nears completion
Pilgrims perform four main rituals as Hajj nears completion

Commander of Hajj Security Forces and Deputy Director of Public Security Maj. Gen. Zayed Al-Tuwyan said that pilgrims without a Hajj permit will not enter the Holy Sites.

He also noted that all persons; who are not immune by coronavirus vaccine would be out of the periphery of the Hajj operation; either for performance of the rituals or part of the agencies that engages in serving the pilgrims.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday; Al-Tuwyan said that there would also be permits for those associated with serving the pilgrims at the Holy Sites.

"The number of pilgrims for this year's Hajj determined on the basis of the precautionary measures taken to stem the spread of coronavirus.

"Though the Kingdom also used to organize Hajj with the participation of huge number of pilgrims, the unprecedented pandemic situation forced to limit the number of pilgrims as part of measures to ensure their safety," he said.

Al-Tuwyan said that all pilgrims would be received through four entrances only. Punitive measures will be against violators of regulations and infiltrators to the Holy Sites.

He said that all the authorities concerned with Hajj security completed their preparations to ensure a safe and hassle-free Hajj. "No pilgrim will go to the Holy Sites individually, whether within Makkah or from outside," he also added.

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