No curfew if Saudi citizens abide by coronavirus protocols

No curfew if Saudi citizens abide by coronavirus protocols
No curfew if Saudi citizens abide by coronavirus protocols

 Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub, security spokesman at the Ministry of Interior; emphasized that there will be no imposition of further strict measures or curfew if all abide by the precautionary measures and preventive protocols to stem the spread of coronavirus.

The spokesman stated that imposition of measures similar to curfew depends on strict compliance or laxity seen on the part of the public in following the measures taken against the pandemic.

Parallel efforts

"The matter is in our hands — citizens, residents and visitors. I hope that interaction will take place with what the government agencies decide, and that community members shall make efforts parallel to the efforts of government agencies in this respect," he said.

Al-Shalhoub revealed that they detected a total of 47,335 protocol violations during the past week in all regions of the Kingdom; an increase of 48 percent compared to the previous week.

"The Riyadh region tops with 19,104 violations, representing about 40 percent of the total violations; while Najran region recorded the lowest count with 251 violations," he said.

The spokesman renewed his call for total compliance by all members of the society.

"Those arrested included some rumor mongers and those who are careless in applying the precautionary measures. They were found involved in circulating their violations through social media platforms and websites;" he said; noting that all legal measures have been taken against them.

The ministry spokesman also urged all people to immediately report any violations of the precautionary measures; by calling on the toll free number 999 in all regions of the Kingdom; and 911 in the regions of Riyadh and Makkah.

Violations can also be reported to the following numbers of government agencies that are supervising the private sector; including Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (19911); Ministry of Health (937) ), Ministry of Commerce (1900); as well as Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing (940).

The penalties resulting from violations can be objected through the Absher platform; within 30 days of the occurrence of the violation, he also added.