Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission organizes “Children’s Week” in Eastern Region

Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission organizes “Children’s Week” in Eastern Region

The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission is preparing to launch the "Children's Week" event, taking place at Sofitel Al Khobar in the Eastern Region from 22 to 28 August, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Through this initiative, the commission will celebrate children's creativity in novels, stories, and literature, as part of its efforts to enrich the Saudi literary field with events and activities targeting various segments of society.

The commission invited those wishing to attend the "Children's Week" events to register via the following link:

The event includes two main tracks; the first track offers workshops for children and motivational meetings for parents related to children's literature.

The second track discusses children's stories and novels, featuring experts and specialists in the field, namely: Fatima Al-Haji, Sundus Al-Sharif, Fayez Mansour, Mohammed Azzam, Hana'a Hassanein, Lamirah Al-Subaie, Rabab Al-Haji, Samia Al-Essa, Alaa Al-Hajji and Shawgiyah Al-Ansari.

A number of talented children will be hosting parts of the event, namely: Fatima Al-Baik, Youssef and Abbas Al-Tarouti, Hala Al-Qadi, Mohammed and Adam Al-Khunaizi, and Nawaf Al-Oud.

"Children's Week" deals with various topics on children's literature, including how children relate and deal with the worlds of literature and how the family portrays children's books and libraries in a way that enhances their passion for reading, writing, and creativity.

By organizing this event in the Eastern Region, the commission aims to promote children's reading habits, enrich the local cultural scene with diverse content, enhance communication between writers and society, and set up platforms for the talented to showcase their work.

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