KAU Ranked in ‘Best Global University’ in 2020

KAU Ranked in ‘Best Global University’ in 2020

King Abdulaziz University (KAU) has been ranked 51stinternationally, and first at local and Arab level in 2020 Best GlobalUniversities Rankings, U.S. News among the world's top 1,500 universities.

The unlimited support of the Saudi wise leadership which hascreated the chances for progress and prosperity for all Saudi universities wasthe reason behind the advancement of KSU, and this success comes as acontinuation to the advanced academic position that KAU has achieved indifferent global rankings.

The Rector of King Abdulaziz University Dr. Abdulrahman binObaid Al-Youbi has stated that this distinguished scientific achievement of KAUcomes as a part of the university's ambitious plans to achieve globalleadership to build a knowledge society, adding that KAU has formulated itsstrategic objectives in line with the global rankings to achieve progress indifferent fields.

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