Head of royal air force leads Kingdom’s delegation in Dubai Airshow

Head of royal air force leads Kingdom’s delegation in Dubai Airshow
Dubai Air Show

Saudi Maj. Gen. Turki bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz, commanderof the Royal Saudi Air Forces (RSAF), has led an armed forces delegationfrom the Kingdom to the 9th Dubai International Air Chiefs Conference, whichkicked off on Nov. 16, and the Dubai Airshow 2019, which will run fromNov. 17-21.

The conference, held under the slogan "Building a more agileand adaptive fighting force: Balancing the high- and low-tech solutions," wasattended by 500 commanders and representatives of European, US, Asian and Arabair forces to discuss the future of the air defense system and explore thelatest findings of the military fighter industry.

Conference sessions discussed adopting new air defensetechnologies, addressing future operational requirements of the air force,training in joint operations for fourth and fifth-generation fighters,transition to multiple air force operations, techniques for the future aircombat strategy and fighter requirements for the future, and the future ofsensor systems and the establishment of a multi-field command and controlsystem architecture.

The conference was attended by the delegation accompanyingMaj. Gen. Turki and military attaché at the Saudi Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Brig.Gen. Abdul Mohsen bin Fahd Al-Sudairi.

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