Hajj Ministry warns against dealing with bogus campaigns and registration links

Hajj Ministry warns against dealing with bogus campaigns and registration links
Issuance of Hajj permit will facilitate taking second dose of vaccine

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has warned citizens and residents from dealing with bogus Hajj companies; that are not in the electronic path for domestic pilgrims; which can be visited through the following link: (https://localhaj.haj.gov.sa);

It added that the more than 500;000 applications received since June 3; 2021; as the deadline to apply will remain open until Wednesday; June 23; 2021; and the list of the accepted applicants will be on Friday; June 25; 2021.

The ministry also warned all citizens and residents not to get carried away by advertisements that do not have an official status on social media; and to immediately report any party claiming; to provide permits to perform Hajj this year or to provide services to domestic pilgrims outside the framework of the electronic path.

For his part; Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah Abdel-Fattah Bin Suleiman Mashat confirmed that the portal of the electronic path for domestic pilgrims; which was by the ministry to receive Hajj requests from citizens and residents for this year.

It is also the way for booking the services of companies and institutions for authorized domestic pilgrims; noting that the path of domestic pilgrims aims to ensure transparency between the two parties to the contract and to ensure strict supervision and control of the application of all health and precautionary measures in light of the continuation of the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the Ministry's monitoring and follow-up committees have witnessed some individual cases of unauthorized Hajj campaigns that publish advertisements for free Hajj and advertisements for issuing Hajj permits for a symbolic fee through social networking sites. It added that the monitors have reported these sites to the security agencies for necessary measures to be against them.

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